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we have never seen a spike like this. >> price of gas shoots up 8 cents overnight. some stations are running out. what's going on and how long is it going to last? >> and more jets grounded over loose seats. what one passenger at sfo tells us happened on her flight aboard an american airlines plane. >> one got it on the back of our network. >> an annoying annual event. the city dealing with an aggressive invasion. good evening. i'm elizabeth cook. >> we begin with breaking news on the bay bridge tonight. a car fire on the eastbound approach to the bridge has closed three lanes eastbound. traffic is getting by, but moving very slowly. it happened just about a half hour ago near freemont street.
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the exit there. at one point the car was fully engulfed, but the flames are out now and just a lot of backed up traffic trying to get out of the city. not just rising fast, the average price for a gallon of gasoline in california, $4.32. that's after going up 9 cents overnight. and as cbs 5 reporter shows us some gas stations are running low. >> reporter: it is worse in than some of the analysts have predicted. at this chevron people were complaining about a 20-cent jump overnight on tuesday. since that time it's gone up another 40 cents. some stations themselves are running on empty. refinery has begun. several costcos have locked up pumps after running out of gas. >> i came to get gas and it's not here.
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>> reporter: supply is down because a power surge knocked a refinery offline. it's not the only one. conoco phillips are undergoing maintenance. a crude oil pipeline is shut down due to safety problems and the refinery in richmond still hasn't recovered from the fire in august. brace your wallets. >> we have never seen a spike like this. this is new territory. >> reporter: mike has to sell regular unleaded at $4.89 a gallon just to stay afloat. he locked up the pumps because it looked like he was gouging customers. >> i can't afford to pay bills right now. >> reporter: in the bay area prices are up 20 to 30 cents. it's cost the business an extra $700 this week. >> as a person that's in the middle class it's very hard to try to save and have a family in the bay area and keep paying
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these prices. >> reporter: and so we've called coast of the costcos. looks like serve doing okay for now. but analystst are saying the price should peak by about saturday on sunday sox that means it's still going up. >> yeah, that's $4.89 a gallon over his shoulder. go to just enter your zip code. later on, a good reason to gas up if you're driving into san francisco this weekend. that story coming up in about 10 minutes. >> american airlines is grounding flights across the country to fix the seating problem on its 757s. entire rows have been coming loose in flight leaving passengers shaken. one woman who had a bumpy ride into sfo. >> it is concerning. >> reporter: rach earl was
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flying american airlines for the first time tonight on a flight from las vegas to san francisco. midair when she realized something was terribly wrong with her seat. >> the front of the chair was moving. it was just moving. >> reporter: her experience slightly less harrowing than the stories of passengers who were on board american airlines flights earlier this week when two entire rows of seats became unhinged. >> it was a complete nightmare. people were essentially on the laps of the passengers behind them. >> reporter: american has traced the problem to these clamps. they are what secure seats to the floor of the plane. the malfunction, american claims was a perfect storm. >> the wear and tear on the locking mechanism allowed the plunger to come dislodged and allows the seats to become dislodged. >> reporter: workers have identified seats that were not
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secured. they removed rows of seats to zero in on the problem. 47 flights have been canceled. >> we're going through the fleet and adding an additional locking feature that will, what we believe, prevent this from happening again. >> reporter: it's little reassurance for rachel. >> a chair shouldn't move. >> reporter: american has canceled more than 1000 flights over the past month amid labor disputes. the pilot's union saying they're ready to come back to the bargaining table on tuesday. >> new at 10:00, he was just one badge away from becoming an eagle scout. he may never reach that rank because he's gay. he came out oh to his family, friends and eagle scout counselor over the summer.
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how his troop is refusing to sign off on his eagle badge. he completed his final project last month. an anti-bullying tolerance wall he worked on. >> it was an opportunity for our students to participate in the making of a permanent mural that would promote that idea of tolerance and acceptance for all our students. >> each tile has a different message about respecting all differences. it's a very positive message to promote throughout our school. >> well, ryan's mother started an online petition urging the boy scouts of america not to deny her son his award. more than 120,000 people have signed it so far. but it might not matter, boy scouts of america released a statement late today saying anderson is no longer eligible for membership in scouting because of his sexual orientation and because he does
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not agree to the organization's principle of quote, duty to god. >> in campaign 2012 mitt romney ran a few victory laps today after public opinion polls gave him the win in the first debate. the president found the energy today that he lacked last night. cbs reporter danielle nottingham on how the debate has given both campaigns new direction. >> reporter: mitt romney teamed up with running mate paul ryan for a rally in virginia. their campaign reinvigorated by romney's performance in wednesday night's debate. >> i got the chance to ask the president questions that people have wanted to ask him. why is it that he pushed obamacare? >> reporter: a cbs news poll of uncommitted voters said romney won the debate 2 to 1 over president obama whom even democrats described as lackluster. a more energetic president
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greeted supporters in wisconsin. he suggested his opponent was out of sorts. >> when i got on the stage i met this already spirited fellow who claimed to be mitt romney. but i know it couldn't have been mitt romney. because the real mitt romney has been running around the country for the last year promising $5 trillion in tax cuts that favor the wealthy. >> reporter: president obama will hold rallies in virginia and here in cleveland, ohio, friday. his new strategy is to paint mitt romney as a man who can't be trusted. the president is also attacking romney's comment from the debate that he would stop federal funding for pbs. >> thank goodness somebody is finally cracking down on big bird. >> i saw the president's vision as trickle down government. i don't think that's what america believes in. >> reporter: romney campaigns friday in virginia and florida.
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danielle nottingham. >> 33 days to the election. some voters won't have the luxury of a neighborhood polling place. they live in mandatory mail in areas. typically those are rural precincts. not always. some are inside cities and it's the ballot that's to blame. >> we have 151 ballot items for this election because of all the different jurisdictions, the city council districts. it's not the right ballot type for that voter. >> voters who fall into the mandatory mail in category do not need to apply for a ballot. it will be sent to them automatically. >> a member of the manson family has been granted parole again. along with charlie manson, bruce davis was convicted of two murders in 1969 unrelated to the infamous sharon tate killings. there's no guarantee that davis, now 70, will ever go free. a parole board recommended his
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release in 2010 but it was reversed by the governor. checking bay area headlines tonight. the morgan hill mom accused of ditching her daughter at a safeway after a botched shoplifting attempt is back in the bay area tonight. police say that she told her little girl to push a cart lode of groceries out of the store and then abandoned her when the girl was caught. she was caught in nevada and booked tonight. the new archbishop of san francisco officially installed today. ceremony was held at st. mary's cathedral. protesters picketed. he made no mention of the issue in his remarks, but did apologize for his recent dui arrest. a party on the eve of the opening tomorrow of -- a
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japanese clothing retailer will open its first flag ship store in the heart of union scare in san francisco. the high fashion, low cost line of clothing is expected to be a big draw to shoppers. a ribbon cutting is set for about 9:45 tomorrow morning. >> san juan has its swallows. hercules has its turkeys. the annual invasion and the defense tactics people are adopting. >> the turkeys are back. they welcomed us home. >> reporter: there are turkeys in hercules. >> yeah, they're all over this area. hercules, in my neighborhood. >> reporter: and some residents complain they are damaging rooftops, behaving aggressively during the breeding season and leaving behind a mess. this was kind of a tricky assignment. while there are turkeys and
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we'd spot them, whenever they spotted us they took off. >> they're not turkeys, they're vultures. they rule the city. >> reporter: barbara wong and her friend had a different experience. >> having babies and stuff and one of the guy got attacked on the back of our necks. started to, you know, hitting them. >> reporter: you started hitting the turkeys with a chair? >> the guy was getting hit sox yes. >> reporter: turns out the man and turkey survived. on the hercules city website it warns residents not to feed them and to keep a distance, even suggesting opening an umbrella to scare them off. >> they want their personal space about 10 feet away. >> they're invading hercules. there's nothing you can do. we started to call animal control. >> reporter: for now there will be turkeys in hercules.
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>> pretty bold so close to thanksgiving. >> they are. >> getting around the gridlock this weekend. >> two giants games. at&t park saturday and sunday. fleet week up in the air. the america's cup in the bay. >> wow, the perfect storm of big events. why police are advising to pack some patience if you're coming in to san francisco. >> and a little girl's prayers are answered. how a good samaritan helped reunite her with her puppy. >> good evening to you. the forecast that is changing, did you feel the chill outside today? that marine layer is back and bigger than it has been in a while. i'll take a look at that weekend forecast and talk about a chance of rain coming up.
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for fleet week. they took a few love that roar, it speaks for itself. the blue angels are back in town for fleet week. they took a few practice runs over the bay today. the real acrobatics come this weekend when they'll wow huge crowds flying just 18 inches apart. they won't be the only attraction this weekend. >> cbs 5 reporter mike sugarman on what you'll have to contend with if you come in to san francisco. >> the bay area is a popular place to come on weekends, but it may never be as popular as it is this weekend when upwards of a million people are expected for a visit. there's a lot going on. i've come up to twin peaks to give you an aerial view of
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what's going on. two giants games, at&t park saturday and sunday. fleet week up in the air. the america's cup in the bay. we have two big cruise ships coming in. we have a fair, the castro street fair. and hardly strictly bluegrass which is a big concert in golden gate park. other side of the day over there, a cal game on saturday. further south sunday, football game candle stick park, full house for the 49ers. we have a madonna concert in san jose. there's a half a marathon they'll be running in san jose as well. >> if you can, try to arrange for public transportation. try to find a car pool. >> law enforcement will be out in force. if you can't take part -- cal train or anything else you don't drive, fill your gas
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tank. sounds like a big duh, but you'd be surprise. >> traffic starts to slow down people start to idle. they're on the road longer than they anticipated. make sure you have a full tank of gas before you get started. >> you run out on the road, you're stuck. tow trucks are going to get stuck in traffic too. just in case, there will be extra tow trucks all over the bay area from the chp this weekend. >> yeah, he's all over it. bart is adding trains to help with the weekend crush for sure. starting tomorrow night three train will be added. saturday 16 additional trains will be in service. and on sunday 12 special event trains. yesterday the day the a's clinched the al west they far
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fared -- so if you're concerned about traffic you can log on to you can check real time conditions on the road at any time. >> tears, hugs, thanks, and lots of fur. it was an emotional reunion in san jose after a family's beloved dog was snatched in a burglary. how he went from stolen property back to family met. >> reporter: 10-year-old ma residents is a knew something was up when she found a crowd in her front yard. then her hopes and prayers were answered when her sister appeared holding her beloved miko. >> say thank you. >> thank you to everybody who made this happen. >> reporter: the dog a been stolen during a burglary at the south san jose home on monday. thanks to news coverage, a woman who found miko running loose in a target parking lot
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returned the dog today. >> i recognized the dog from the picture they put up. >> then what did you think? >> i had to return it. i seen her face and she was really sad. i need to return it. it's the right thing to do. >> reporter: in a tearful plea ma residents is a had offered her piggy bank for the dog's safe return. san jose police and firefighters upped the reward to $6000. ma residents is a and her family couldn't believe that something good came out of a bad family episode. >> if something great comes out of this, it's our job and duty to make sure we pass it on to other people. >> were you surprised? >> i'm happy he's safe and he's back with our family. he's going to be safe no matter what now. >> reporter: the woman who returned miko says that her own children had grown attached to the dog after only a day or two and they were sad to have to give it back. she now says she'll use part of
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her reward money to buy them a new puppy. >> adorable. >> people doing the right thing. >> it was. that's great. i love the scene of her handing her the piggy bank. too sweet. coming up, a peek at the big weekend forecast. dan hurd: when i was a child, california was a leader in education funding. erika derry: and the fact that california isn't making it a priority frustrates me. dan hurd: i'm ashamed of that, and i don't want this to continue for my daughter.
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brenda kealing: prop 38 is going to bring a lot of money to our schools. suzan solomon: the money stays at the school site. cade derry: what i would really like to see is that the teachers... that were laid off come back to the school. navaz hurd: a smaller class size. navaz hurd: as a mom i want that. as a teacher i want that. prop 38 is an opportunity of a generation.
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we're almost to the weekend. i'm happy to tell you that the weekend will be mainly dry. but this change, this chilly change is going to continue. didn't really get you in the valley yesterday. didn't get you in inland areas yesterday. but it got you today. beautiful shot of the moon. rose about one hour ago. we're almost down to the final quarter of the moon. look at these temperature drops. tuesday 96, today 75. concord, 100 on tuesday. today 72. that's nearly a 30-degree drop. we have clouds. concord you're down to 58. san francisco 59.
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oakland 59. it is chilly outside. let's talk about this change. amazingly it's the same low pressure area when it was to our south that gave us the offshore wind and temperatures in the 80s, 90s and 100s. we're getting the on shore flow. that cools us down today. will continue to move us down over the weekend. by monday, after the weekend is finished it'll be sitting right over top of us. that will promote enough unstable air to give us a chance of showers. we're get cooler and wetter by the top of next week. a lot of cloud cover each morning. the weekend is going to be chilly. 60s near the bay with scattered showers next week. for your highs, generally 60s on the peninsula. 73 for campbell. the cooldown continues. san ramone tomorrow, 74. mill valley 69. downtown san francisco only 62
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degrees. your extended forecast calls for chilly. partly sunny in the afternoon. upper 60s near the bay. upper 80s inland. chance of showers monday and tuesday. milder wednesday and thursday. dennis with sports. >> what is up with the nhl? they made a decision on its future. and who starts for the giants? you.
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we know you. we know you have to rise early... and work late, with not enough sleep in between. how you sometimes need to get over to that exit, like, right now. and how things aren't... just about you anymore. introducing the all-new, smart-sensing... honda accord. it starts with you. playoff series against the tigers this sarurd the a's will start parker against the tigers this saturday in detroit. rest of the playoff rotation should be announced form. giants started out this afternoon in preparation for cincinnati. guess who showed up today.
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>> willie maize? >> no. >> dusty baker. >> the dust buster screen right. >> how's he feeling? >> he's doing better. giants manager says that man will start game two. but no mention of lincecum. with the nhl lockout the league announced the first two weeks have been cancel. that's all games through october 24th. the sharks lost five games in that window. how about thursday night football. arizona was unbeaten looking to day that way against the st. louis rams. what has become a very good division. the rams all over cardinals quarterback. st. louis had nine sacks. chris long got that one. rams up 10-3. looking deep for chris givens. finds him. 51-yard touchdown. rams win 17-3. arizona gets their first loss of the year. what does that and? your san francisco 49ers are now tied for first place.
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and they play buffalo on cbs 5 this sunday. >> we'll be there. >> we'll be there. >> see you at 11:00.
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